About Us and Opening Hours

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“If it Cuts or Snips we have it in stock!”

For more than eight decades Firma Moes has been the shop to got to for your quality cutting tools.
80 years of experience in selecting and monitoring quality makes Firma Moes a trusted partner selling high end knives, scissors and other cutting tools as well as maintaining and sharpening them.

In our shop you will be advised by the third generation of shop owners who will help you patiently and with great enthusiasm.

The rule in dutch is  “als het knipt of snijdt heeft Firma Moes het in huis” Which translates loosely into “If it cuts or slices Firma moes has it in stock” most visitors will say to you it should be taken literally and we are very proud of this.

From Kitchen knives to Hair clippers from Barbers scissors to children’s cutlery we have a large variety in stock.
Chef’s knife, textile-scissors, nail clippers, oyster knives, cheese knives….we could go on but it is easier if you come see and visit us in person.

Have a virtual look in our shop here.


Opening Times

Outside of our stated hours you can reach us by phone at

(020) 662 6347

We are normally open :

Tuesday to Friday 10 – 17.30

Saturday 10 – 17.00











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On February 8, 2017

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