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  • Laguiole

    French elegance, these nostalgic pocket knives and table knives have been made in the same way  for centuries. Pure pride and patient craftsmanship united in a masterpiece. In our assortment you will find both the folding knives and the fixed table knives with applied materials such as horn, rosewood, juniper, ebony and much more.

  • KAI

    KAI is especially famous in the Netherlands because of the KAI SHUN Cooking knives, available from specialists. The Shun Koksmess Series is one of the most comprehensive Damask knives in the world and is used by the best chefs and most ambitious hobby cooks on a daily basis.

  • Robert Herder knives

    Under the motto “Good knives are handmade”, Robert Herder manufactures a wide range of quality knives using traditional forms and methods. Since 1872, the well-known mill knives are made in Solingen, Germany. Robert Herder uses the principle of “Solinger Thin Grinding”. The blade is thinner than usual and in contrast to factory-cut knives, is turned …


    WÜSTHOF knives are a high quality product, made with care. Knives, which you enjoy and use for the preparations for a true culinary pleasure. The knives series distinguish themselves in grip design and meet the individual needs of ergonomics and shape.

  • Boker Manufaktur

    Knives, hunting knives, kitchen and razors from Solingen The famous knives with the famous chestnut tree logo are already discovered in 1869. Over the years, always guaranteeing top quality and a very wide choice.

  • Leatherman

    “Now you’re ready!” A better fitting  creed is inconceivable. Leatherman’s multi-tools are complete, outstanding and reliable. The range is large, from a simple blade to a 19-character multi-tool.

  • Victorinox

    Victorinox is known worldwide for the ‘Original Swiss Army’ pocket knives from Europe’s largest pocket knife factory in Switzerland. All Victorinox products are designed to maximize multi-functionality and originality. Lifetime guaranteed against material and manufacturing errors.


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